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Polo Ralph Lauren from the United States, and the United States with an intense flavor. Two brand Ralph Lauren name Poloby Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren worldwide sales in the area to create a high-quality fashion, the designer Ralph Lauren's reputation and brand continue to carry forward the glorious image.
Ralph Lauren fashion design fusion fantasy, romance, innovation and inspiration of classical presentation, all the details of the structure is not in a time-out values​​.
Ralph Lauren is a major consumer middle class or higher income consumers and celebrities, and comfortable, affordable good wear Ralph Lauren POLO shirt, whether in Europe or Asia, almost everyone has become a wardrobe essential clothing styles!
By chance, ralph lauren outlet uk designed to secure a chance to tie. He will not only increase the width of the tie on twice, the color is more bright and colorful, but also enhance the price doubled, the result is surprisingly big sell, and then brought up fad, this wide-tie series, that is the first time in polo ralph lauren uk was named as the originator of.
In 1968, Ralph Lauren menswear company was founded and launched the first brand "Polo Ralph Lauren". Then launch women's brand "Ralph Lauren Collection", leisure series "Ralph Lauren Blue Label", men's series "Ralph Lauren Purple Label" and so on. Whatever the Ralph Lauren brand updates, just as ralph lauren polo himself said: "The purpose of my design is to achieve the dream of people's minds - the best imaginable reality", he designed clothes always exudes freedom comfortable and luxurious atmosphere of restrained.

After the summer, began to do subtraction on ralph lauren uk clothing, the accessories, but the start of the addition. Some seemingly exaggerated accessories in the summer even more radiant unrestrained unique personality. To those which are the most exciting wrist jewelry, Fashion Week Spring 2014, major brands are pushing a variety of exaggerated personality wristlet, or they have a full sense of metal or PVC material used to create the colors, shape and slightly geometric elements of national totem integration also allows them to become more modern. In addition, they also have one thing in common, "big", so that the visual impact of the summer brings dazzling beauty.

ralph lauren hoodie watch tasting held in Beijing in 2014, the new one presented. From Slim Classique series of 867 watches classic beauty and inspiration in the decorative arts, to the traditional spirit of Ralph Lauren Stirrup equestrian heritage and Sporting series of free and easy feelings, ralph lauren shirts launched compact dimensions, new materials, new colors and bold sophisticated flying tourbillon watches integration, bringing top watchmaking.

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